Prince George

Prince George’s Heartfelt Words to Kate Middleton at Trooping the Colour Unveiled

At this year’s Trooping the Colour ceremony, Prince George shared a touching moment with his mother, Kate Middleton, as revealed by a lip reader.

Accompanied by Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, the royal children joined Kate in a carriage to the event.

According to lip reader Gaby Lane, George, visibly excited, said to his mom, “Look over there, ma.”

Kate responded warmly, saying, “Right, look at that,” as they all turned their heads together to take in the scene.

Gaby Lane, speaking to The Sun, noted that George appeared delighted throughout the procession, expressing how happy he looked at the event.

During the event, the Princess of Wales and her children enjoyed the spectacle, admiring the banners and flags carried by enthusiastic fans.

They greeted the crowd with smiles and waves, with Prince Louis charming onlookers by making faces that elicited laughter.

Louis, known for his adorable expressions, melted hearts once again with his playful demeanor in front of the cameras.

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Notably, this public appearance marked Kate Middleton’s first since announcing her cancer diagnosis.

Despite her ongoing treatment, thousands of supporters gathered to witness the Princess of Wales and her children participate in the cherished event.

In a symbolic gesture of unity, King Charles and Queen Camilla also traveled in a horse-drawn carriage, adapting due to the King’s current battle with cancer, showcasing their resilience and commitment to royal duties amidst personal challenges.