Prince William and Kate Middleton Reacts to Prince Andrew’s Royal Lodge Drama

A royal row has erupted behind closed doors over Prince Andrew’s unwarranted residence at the Royal Lodge, with King Charles keen to force his disgraced brother out of the multi-million-dollar property.

In a new column for The Times, royal reporter Katie Mansey reflects on King Charles’ plans to evict Prince Andrew from the prestigious estate, and the prince’s reluctance to heed the monarch’s orders.

Mansey suggests that Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton could potentially move into the mansion, given their current residence in Adelaide Cottage in Windsor with their three young children.

However, despite being considered a “more natural fit” for the Lodge, the Prince and Princess of Wales are reportedly “adamant that they are happy in nearby Adelaide Cottage.”

The reluctance of Prince William and Princess Kate to move into the Royal Lodge underscores the complex dynamics at play within the royal family, particularly amid the ongoing controversy surrounding Prince Andrew.

The King’s frustration with his brother stems from Prince Andrew’s inability to cover the upkeep costs of the Royal Lodge, which he inherited from their grandmother, the Queen Mother, following her death in 2021.

Reports suggest that the property has fallen into disrepair due to the former couple’s indulgent habits.

“Sarah is a collector and Andrew is just as bad. He likes to surround himself with stuff, which seems to act like some sort of reassurance in life,” a friend of the royals told the outlet.

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Despite efforts by Princess Beatrice’s husband, who is a chief executive of a property and interior design company, to improve the situation, the property reportedly remains in a state of neglect.

As tensions escalate behind palace walls, the fate of the Royal Lodge hangs in the balance.

Should Prince Andrew relinquish his lease or sell it back to the Crown Estate, the property could potentially be let to another private tenant, provided they pass security checks.

The ongoing drama surrounding Prince Andrew’s residency at the Royal Lodge highlights the complexities and challenges facing the royal family, as they navigate personal and public expectations amidst shifting dynamics and controversies.

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