Prince William

Prince William to Break Years Old Royal Tradition with Major Changes Amid Kate Middleton Cancer Battle

Prince William is poised to break with longstanding royal traditions once he ascends to the throne, ushering in significant changes to the British monarchy.

Royal expert and commentator Angela Levin shared her insights on the future of the royal family during an interview with GB News.

Levin highlighted that one of the key traditions Prince William plans to challenge is the expectation for monarchs and their heirs to serve in the military.

Specifically, she revealed that William might not require his eldest son, Prince George, who is second in line to the throne, to join the armed forces if he is not inclined to do so.

“This is very interesting because Prince William doesn’t necessarily want George to do that,” Levin explained. “He doesn’t feel it’s necessary.”

The role of the monarch traditionally includes being the head of the armed forces, which has historically involved military service.

Levin acknowledged the complexity of this potential change, saying, “It’s such a stamp on the Royal Family. They’re the head of the army, so what would they do without that? I find it very difficult.”

In addition to potential changes in military traditions, Levin noted differences in religious commitment between Prince William and his father, King Charles.

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William is perceived to be less religious, which could lead to further shifts in royal customs.

“He’s not religious. He does go once or twice a year,” Levin said. “But he doesn’t have the same passion that Charles does. I think it could be a very changed Royal Family.”

These anticipated changes signal a modernizing shift under Prince William’s future reign, reflecting his personal beliefs and perspectives.

As the British monarchy evolves, these moves could redefine the roles and responsibilities traditionally associated with the royal family.