Kate Middleton Surprised by Prince William’s Unforeseen Encounter

In a surprising turn of events during a video call, Kate Middleton was reportedly taken aback after learning about an unexpected proposition made towards Prince William.

The incident unfolded during William’s visit to Scotland amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, where he crossed paths with Betty Magee at Bay Lodge Care Home in Edinburgh.

Prince William humorously recounted the playful interaction during the video call, sharing, “I got propositioned by a 96-year-old lady called Betty yesterday who wanted to kiss me.”

This revelation elicited a shocked reaction from Kate, prompting William to quip, “This is what happens when I’m not around.”

The amusing anecdote quickly gained viral attention on TikTok, garnering 26,000 likes and 120,000 views. The platform buzzed with comments appreciating the light-hearted nature of William and Kate’s interactions.

During their meeting over ice cream, Betty Magee cheekily remarked to William, “It’s customary in these parts to give a lady a kiss on the cheek.” William responded with charm, saying, “Oh, you are sweet.

You’ll make me blush. When the rules relax more, I will come back and give you a kiss on the cheek, Betty.”

Reflecting on the encounter during an interview over Zoom with actors Emma Stone and Emma Thompson, Prince William shared further details about Betty’s spirited personality.

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He humorously recounted, “She’s in a care home with her daughter, and I said Betty if I… nah… I’m going to get slapped on the back of her head for being, you know, inappropriate, social distancing. And she said, ‘I’ll have you afterwards then.’ She was quite a character.”

In a gesture of appreciation towards healthcare workers, Prince William and Kate Middleton hosted a special screening of the movie “Cruella” for workers of Britain’s National Health Service.

The event served as a heartfelt thank-you for their dedication and service during the challenging COVID-19 pandemic.

This heartwarming story highlights the jovial and down-to-earth nature of Prince William and Kate Middleton, offering a glimpse into their relatable interactions and their ongoing support for frontline workers.