Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle Reportedly Seeks Help from King Charles Amid Financial Struggles

Former Duchess Meghan Markle, who stepped away from royal duties in 2020, is reportedly seeking assistance from King Charles, despite her public separation from the Royal Family.

According to a recent report from Heat Magazine, Markle is preparing to sell products from her lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, but believes celebrity endorsements, particularly from members of the Royal Family, could significantly bolster sales.

A source close to Markle revealed that she perceives potential benefits in King Charles endorsing her products, viewing it as a mutually advantageous arrangement.

However, convincing her estranged father-in-law may prove challenging. Prince Harry, Markle’s husband, has been hesitant to intervene due to longstanding tensions and Charles’ recent distancing from UK affairs.

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“Meghan believes Harry’s approach will yield better results, considering their familial ties,” the insider shared. “She sees no reason why they shouldn’t receive support from within the Firm, given Harry’s lineage.”

Despite Markle’s optimism, insiders speculate that King Charles is unlikely to assist due to potential complications with Buckingham Palace officially endorsing products associated with a former member of the Royal Family.

Markle has previously expressed her desire for independence from royal obligations, with her spokesperson, Omid Scobie, asserting her reluctance to return to the UK for royal engagements.