A Password Cracking AI That Can Crack Most Passwords in Minutes

In today’s technology-driven world, password security has become more critical than ever. With the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), new password-cracking techniques such as PassGAN have made it increasingly challenging to keep your passwords secure.

PassGAN is a password-cracking AI developed by a team of researchers from Home Security Heroes. This AI is scarily effective: It can crack passwords in less than half a minute, much faster than human experts or traditional techniques. Home Security Heroes recently released a study showing how effective PassGAN is at password cracking. They found that 81% of passwords were cracked within a month.

The main reason PassGAN can crack passwords so quickly and effectively is that it has the ability to learn from real passwords from actual password breaches. PassGAN is trained to identify the distribution of passwords and use this information to make faster and more accurate guesses.

PassGAN can run through 15,600,000 common passwords and tell you how long it will take the AI to crack your password in under six minutes. Passwords that are longer than 18 characters are generally safe against AI password crackers, as PassGAN would take at least 10 months to crack number-only passwords and 6 quintillion years to crack passwords that contain symbols, numbers, lower-case letters, and upper-case letters.

To keep your passwords secure, it is essential to update your passwords regularly. A ten-letter mixed-case password would take four weeks to crack, but a ten-letter password with only lowercase characters would take an hour. On the other hand, it would take five years to crack a ten-character strong password made up of letters, symbols, and integers.

Changing your password every three to six months is an important step you can take to keep your account secure. Also, be cautious of the information you share online, as hackers may use this information to crack your passwords.

With AI always advancing and creating more effective methods, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep passwords secure. It is crucial to implement strong password-protection measures to safeguard yourself from password-cracking tech.

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