Spain Suspends Telegram as High Court Orders Temporary Shutdown Amid Copyright Concerns

In a significant development, Spain’s High Court has issued an order to suspend the services of messaging app Telegram within the country. This decision comes in response to complaints from media companies, alleging that Telegram allowed users to upload copyrighted content without proper authorization.

According to a court source, the suspension of Telegram’s services will come into effect from Monday, following a request by prominent media firms such as Atresmedia, EGEDA, Mediaset, and Telefonica. Judge Santiago Pedraz has granted the suspension while investigations into the claims are conducted.

The responsibility for enforcing the suspension will lie with mobile phone providers, who will be required to block access to Telegram’s services, as stated by the court source.

As of now, Telegram has not issued a response to the court’s decision. Similarly, a High Court spokesperson refrained from commenting on the matter.

Telegram holds a significant presence in Spain, ranking as the fourth most-used messaging service according to the competition watchdog CNMC. Recent surveys conducted by CNMC indicate that nearly 19% of Spaniards utilize Telegram for communication purposes.

This suspension marks a notable move by Spanish authorities to address concerns surrounding copyright infringement facilitated through messaging platforms. It underscores the ongoing challenges faced by digital platforms in regulating user-generated content while balancing copyright protection and freedom of expression.

As the investigation progresses and the implications of the suspension unfold, stakeholders across Spain’s digital landscape will closely monitor developments, highlighting the complex interplay between technology, regulation, and intellectual property rights in the digital age.

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