WhatsApp Testing New Features including Email Login and Poll Sharing

WhatsApp, one of the world’s most popular messaging platforms, is gearing up to introduce two new features aimed at enhancing user experience and privacy.

Email Login Option:

WhatsApp is currently testing a feature that will allow users to add their email address to the app on iOS and Android smartphones. This feature will serve as an alternative method for logging into their accounts. Users will have the option to enter their email address and verify it, offering a more versatile login process. This can be particularly helpful for users who may not have access to SMS-based one-time passwords (OTPs), such as when traveling without international roaming. While the email address will be used for login, WhatsApp assures users that their email will remain private and will not be visible to others.

Poll Sharing in Channels:

Another upcoming feature in the works is the ability to share polls in WhatsApp channels. Users will be able to create and share polls within the app, offering an interactive and engaging way to gather opinions and feedback. To protect user privacy, the feature will not display individual votes, ensuring that responses remain confidential. This feature aims to enhance communication and user engagement on the platform.

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These new features reflect WhatsApp’s commitment to improving its service by providing more options for users to log in and enhancing the functionality of channels. While the email login feature is currently in testing, the poll sharing feature is still under development and is expected to be introduced in future beta versions before reaching the stable release.

WhatsApp continues to evolve and innovate, addressing user needs and preferences while maintaining a strong focus on privacy and security. Users can look forward to these enhancements, which aim to make their WhatsApp experience even more versatile and interactive.

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