Craig Wright Held in Contempt of Court in $143 Million Cryptocurrency Case

Craig Wright, the controversial figure who claims to be the creator of Bitcoin, has been held in contempt of court by a US District Judge for failing to properly complete a Debtor Fact Information Form related to a $143 million cryptocurrency case.

The case involves Plaintiff W&K Info Defense, LLC and Dr. Wright, who has a $143,132,492.48 judgement against him. W&K requested the court to order Dr. Wright to complete the Form, but he allegedly failed to truthfully and fully complete it as ordered.

Judge Bruce Reinhart initially held Dr. Wright in contempt of court for his failure to comply with the order, stating that failure to complete the Form by April 3, 2023 would result in him being held in contempt. Dr. Wright filed a Notice of Filing Statement on April 3, stating that he had served the completed Form to Ramona Ang and Lynn Wright, who are members of W&K. However, the next day, Judge Reinhart ordered Dr. Wright to serve copies of the Form to the three lawyers who have entered appearances for W&K.

Dr. Wright designated the Form as “Highly Confidential – Attorney’s Eyes Only” under this case’s Stipulated Confidentiality Order, which W&K objected to. W&K subsequently filed a Motion for Sanctions and Order to Show Cause, appended with a copy of the Form produced by Dr. Wright. However, because Dr. Wright had designated the Form as AEO, the Confidentiality Order required W&K to file the unredacted Sanctions Motion under seal, and a redacted version in the public record.

Dr. Wright has responded to the Sanctions Motion and the Order to Show Cause, and W&K has filed its Replies. The matter is currently under review by the court.

Dr. Wright’s claims to be the creator of Bitcoin have been disputed for years, and this latest development in the ongoing legal battle adds yet another layer of complexity to his already contentious relationship with the cryptocurrency community. It remains to be seen what further actions will be taken by the court in this matter, but it is clear that Dr. Wright’s claims and actions will continue to be closely watched by all those interested in the future of Bitcoin and the wider world of cryptocurrency.

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