Apple and Amazon Ordered to Face Consumer Antitrust Lawsuit over Price Inflation Allegations

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In a recent development, tech giants Apple and have been directed by a federal judge in Seattle to face a consumer antitrust lawsuit. The lawsuit accuses the companies of conspiring to artificially increase the prices of iPhones and iPads sold on Amazon’s platform. The ruling by US District Judge John Coughenour rejected the dismissal bids from Apple and Amazon, signaling that the case will proceed to evidence-gathering and pretrial proceedings. This article delves into the details of the case and its potential implications for consumers and the companies involved.

Lawsuit Background

The prospective class action lawsuit was filed in November by US residents who purchased new iPhones and iPads on Amazon starting from January 2019. The plaintiffs contend that a purported agreement between Apple and Amazon limited the number of competitive resellers, thereby violating antitrust provisions. In 2018, there were reportedly around 600 third-party Apple resellers on Amazon, and the lawsuit alleges that Apple granted Amazon a discount on its products in exchange for reducing the number of resellers on its platform.

Apple’s Defense and Controversy

Apple has defended its agreement with Amazon by stating that it aimed to curtail the sale of counterfeit Apple products on the e-commerce platform. The company argues that limiting the number of authorized resellers was a measure to ensure the authenticity and quality of its goods. In court filings, Apple’s attorneys have deemed such agreements as commonplace and within legal boundaries, citing previous recognition by the Supreme Court and the Ninth Circuit.

Judge’s Ruling and Implications

US District Judge John Coughenour’s ruling emphasized that the “validity” of the relevant market, a critical aspect in antitrust litigation, should be determined by a jury. By rejecting the dismissal bids from Apple and Amazon, the judge has paved the way for further proceedings, including evidence-gathering and pretrial stages. This ruling is seen as a significant win for the plaintiffs and could potentially impact other ongoing private and government actions challenging Amazon’s pricing practices.

Consumer Impact and Compensation

Should the plaintiffs prevail in the lawsuit, they seek unspecified triple damages and other relief. If the allegations of price inflation are proven, it could indicate that consumers paid more for iPhones and iPads due to limited competition among resellers on Amazon’s platform. The case’s outcome may have broader implications for consumer protection and antitrust regulations within the technology sector, potentially shaping future business practices.


The consumer antitrust lawsuit accusing Apple and Amazon of conspiring to inflate the prices of iPhones and iPads on Amazon’s platform will proceed following the ruling by US District Judge John Coughenour. While Apple argues that the agreement was intended to combat counterfeit products, the court will assess the validity of the allegations and motivations involved. The case’s progress and final judgment could have far-reaching implications for both the companies and consumers, impacting the landscape of online retail and antitrust regulations.

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