Binance Coin (BNB) Shows Resilience as Investor Sentiment Improves

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The price of Binance Coin (BNB) has experienced a significant surge this week, surpassing the $245 mark. This rally comes as hopes of regulatory clarity in the cryptocurrency market were boosted by Blackrock’s Bitcoin ETF filing. Despite a turbulent start to the month, on-chain data suggests that long-term BNB holders have remained resilient, refraining from selling as the price dipped below $275. As user activity on the BNB chain ecosystem grows, the potential for a sustained recovery becomes more evident. This article explores the factors behind the recent price surge and examines the possibilities for BNB’s future performance.

Long-term Holders Display Resilience:

On-chain data reveals that long-term BNB holders exhibited resilience by refraining from selling when the price dropped below $275 on June 5. The Mean Coin Age indicator, which measures the average number of days coins have spent in their current wallet addresses, surged 15% from 65.39 to 75.47 between June 4 and June 22. This increase suggests a network-wide accumulation trend among long-term investors. If these holders continue to hold out for more favorable positions, it is likely that the BNB price will enter recovery mode in the coming weeks.

Return of Crypto Users to the BNB Chain Ecosystem:

Despite concerns fueled by the SEC lawsuit against Binance and CEO Chanpeng Zhao, the BNB chain ecosystem has witnessed a resurgence in user activity. Blackrock’s recent spot Bitcoin ETF filing on June 15 appears to have improved investor sentiment. Daily Active User counts on the BNB chain peaked at 6,179 on June 17, just two days after the ETF filing. This surge in user activity reflects growing confidence among BNB holders and has already had a positive impact on the price of BNB.

Price Prediction: Reclaiming $300 and Support Levels:

Given the continued spike in user activity, BNB bulls may have the potential to push the price towards the $300 mark. However, the resilient long-term holders have staunchly defended the $230 support level in the past week. Santiment’s Market-Value to Realized-Value (MVRV) data indicates that these holders could now strive for further gains. With the current price of BNB at $244, most holders who purchased BNB within the last 30 days are already enjoying profits of approximately 9%. Historical trading patterns suggest that these holders are likely to hold out until they break even at $270 before considering selling.

Should BNB break the resistance at $270, the bullish momentum could propel the rally towards the $300 zone before profit-taking begins. However, if the bears manage to push the price below the critical support level at $230, the bullish projection could be negated. It is worth noting that investors aiming to limit their losses within the 15% range could provide support at this level. If the support at $230 caves, BNB could experience a decline towards the 20% loss range at $203. Nonetheless, some dissatisfied holders may choose to cut their losses, inadvertently triggering a rebound in the price.


The recent surge in Binance Coin’s (BNB) price can be attributed to growing user activity and the resilience demonstrated by long-term investors. As sentiment improves and regulatory clarity looms, BNB has the potential to continue its upward trajectory. However, the outcome will depend on various factors, including user activity, the defense of support levels, and market dynamics. As the crypto market evolves, BNB holders and investors should closely monitor these developments to make informed decisions regarding their positions.

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