Danny Masterson Placed in Special Unit for Safety as Sentencing Looms

Picture Source: TMZ

Danny Masterson, known for his role in the hit TV series “That ’70s Show,” is not experiencing the typical incarceration experience as he awaits sentencing for his rape conviction. Instead of being housed with the general population at the L.A. County Men’s Central Jail, Masterson is being kept in “administrative segregation” for his own safety. Interestingly, this special unit has previously housed some high-profile inmates, including Suge Knight and O.J. Simpson. As Masterson’s legal journey unfolds, he awaits his upcoming court date on August 4.

Safety Measures and Living Conditions:

Law enforcement sources have revealed that Masterson is being held in “administrative segregation” to ensure his safety during this time. This decision comes in light of his recent conviction on two rape counts, while the jury remained deadlocked on a third count. As a precautionary measure, Masterson is being kept separate from the general population.

His living conditions in the special unit differ from those of the regular inmates. While there is no television in his cell, he has access to books from the jail’s library. Additionally, he is allowed out of his cell for two hours each day, during which time he can utilize the day room, have access to a phone, and watch television.

Recreational Opportunities:

Despite being in a segregated unit, Masterson will have the opportunity for recreational activities. He will be allotted three hours per week for recreational purposes, enabling him to engage in physical exercise or participate in any other approved recreational activities available within the facility.

Hygiene and Court Appearances:

Maintaining personal hygiene is an essential aspect of any detainee’s routine, and Masterson is no exception. He is provided the opportunity to shower every other day, except when he has court appearances, in which case he is permitted to shower daily.

Upcoming Court Date:

Danny Masterson’s legal journey is far from over. After being found guilty on two rape counts and facing a deadlock on the third count, he is due back in court on August 4. This forthcoming court date will play a significant role in determining the final outcome of his case and the subsequent sentencing.


Danny Masterson’s experience behind bars while awaiting sentencing differs from that of the general inmate population. Placed in a special unit for his own safety, he shares the same quarters that once housed high-profile inmates such as Suge Knight and O.J. Simpson. As his legal battle continues, Masterson awaits his next court appearance, where the final chapter of this high-profile case will unfold.

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