Insider Trading on New Token Listings Still a Crypto Industry Issue

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Recent research conducted by Solidus Labs, a crypto and DeFi market surveillance firm, has shed light on the alarming extent of insider trading within the cryptocurrency space. The study examined token listings on major platforms and exchanges, exposing a concerning trend of serial insider trading and manipulation surrounding new token announcements. These findings emphasize the urgent need for increased transparency and regulatory measures to protect the integrity of crypto trading.

Insider Trading Persists in Crypto:

The Solidus Labs study uncovered that a staggering 56% of crypto token listings on centralized exchanges since 2021 exhibited signs of insider trading. The data, analyzed using Solidus HALO’s DEX-based detection tool, revealed over 100 entities, individual wallets, or connected wallet groups that executed more than 400 suspected insider trades since January 2021. Notably, the study highlighted 51 entities engaged in “serial insider trading” using decentralized exchanges (DEX) to purchase soon-to-be-listed tokens multiple times. Some individuals engaged in insider trading both before and after more than ten token listing announcements, with the most active insiders trading ahead of over 25 listing announcements each.

The Significance of DEX-Based Insider Trading:

According to Chen Arad, co-founder of Solidus Labs, the study underscores the prevalence of DEX-based insider trading as a critical market integrity problem. He emphasized that the immutable and transparent nature of blockchain technology enables the detection and prevention of this illicit activity like never before. By leveraging such technology, regulators and exchanges can work towards creating a safer environment for crypto trading.

Crypto Market Outlook:

In recent times, crypto markets have faced resistance levels prompting a retreat. As a result, the total market capitalization has experienced a decline of 1.3%, reaching $1.20 trillion. Bitcoin, unable to overcome the resistance at $30,000, has formed a potential double-top pattern. The cryptocurrency’s value dropped by nearly 1% and currently hovers around $30,211, suggesting the possibility of further losses. Ethereum has also experienced a 1.5% decline, falling to $1,839. Additionally, during the Thursday morning Asian trading session, altcoins exhibited deeper losses, signaling a cautious market sentiment.


Solidus Labs’ research has uncovered a concerning prevalence of insider trading within the crypto industry, particularly surrounding token listings. The study’s findings highlight the urgent need for regulators and exchanges to collaborate and implement transparent measures to curb insider trading practices. By leveraging the traceability and transparency of blockchain technology, market integrity can be safeguarded, allowing for a safer and more trustworthy crypto trading environment for investors and traders alike.

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