Madhav Sheth Rumored to Join Honor India

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In a recent development in the tech industry, Madhav Sheth, the former CEO of Realme India, is reportedly set to make an exit from the company. Speculation is rife that Sheth might join Honor’s India branch as its head, hinting at the brand’s potential re-entry into the Indian market. While neither Honor nor Sheth have officially confirmed these reports, sources suggest that discussions are underway between Honor’s India partner, PSAV Global Tech Private Limited, and Sheth for a possible collaboration. This article explores the potential implications of Sheth’s rumored move and the prospects of Honor’s return to India.

The Sheth-Honor Connection:

Madhav Sheth’s appointment as the Vice President for Business and Corporate Strategy (Global) at Realme earlier this year marked a significant step in his career. However, recent reports indicate that Sheth is expected to depart from Realme soon. Speculation is now mounting that he may join Honor India, assuming a pivotal role within the organization. This development has ignited further speculation about Honor’s plans to re-establish its presence in the Indian market.

Honor’s India Comeback:

After pulling out of the Indian market in the wake of geopolitical tensions between India and China, Honor aims to make a comeback. Reports suggest that the company may rely on PSAV Global Tech as its partner in India, instead of setting up its own team. The potential collaboration with Sheth, who played a crucial role in Realme’s growth since 2018, could bolster Honor’s efforts to regain a foothold in the Indian smartphone industry.

Awaiting Confirmation:

Despite the mounting rumors and reports, no official confirmation has been provided by any of the parties involved. Sheth, Honor, and Realme have maintained silence regarding these developments, leaving industry experts and consumers eagerly awaiting an official statement. It is worth noting that Sheth’s absence from Realme’s recent launch event for the Realme 11 Pro 5G series in India has fueled further speculation about his potential exit.


Madhav Sheth’s rumored departure from Realme and potential move to Honor India has sent waves of anticipation through the tech industry. As an experienced executive in the smartphone sector, Sheth’s expertise could greatly benefit Honor’s re-entry into the Indian market. However, until an official announcement is made, it is essential to approach these reports with cautious optimism. Only time will reveal the truth behind these rumors and shed light on the future plans of Realme, Honor, and Madhav Sheth himself.

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