Mudrex Introduces SatoshiGPT, an AI Chatbot for Educating Users about Cryptocurrencies

Picture Source: SatoshiGPT

India’s crypto industry is witnessing a surge in efforts to educate individuals venturing into the volatile and unregulated world of cryptocurrencies. In line with this objective, Mudrex, a crypto investment firm based in India and the US, has launched an AI chatbot named ‘SatoshiGPT.’ The chatbot, named as a tribute to Bitcoin’s anonymous founder Satoshi Nakamoto, utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide comprehensive information and guidance on cryptocurrencies. With its multi-language capabilities, SatoshiGPT aims to assist India’s diverse population in making informed financial decisions.

Empowering Users through AI Education

SatoshiGPT offers potential crypto investors a convenient way to access detailed information about the topic with just a single click. The chatbot aggregates data from credible sources and regularly updates its information database to keep users informed about the latest developments in the global crypto sector. Mudrex’s executives emphasize that leveraging the power of AI is crucial for spreading awareness about cryptocurrencies as a fintech tool.

Shashank Sahu, Head of New Initiatives at Mudrex, stated, “AI is reshaping the way we engage with products. Our objective is to leverage AI in simplifying information accessibility, safeguarding users from scams, and empowering them to make smart investment decisions.” The company is actively exploring innovative concepts to support users in their cryptocurrency investment endeavors.

Platform Features and Future Plans

Interested individuals can access the new platform from Mudrex by visiting In addition to the chatbot, the company is planning to launch an AI-enabled portfolio analyzer in the coming months. This tool will help investors track their investment patterns and seek guidance from AI on the most favorable steps to take.

Edul Patel, CEO and Co-Founder at Mudrex, highlighted the importance of education in the crypto ecosystem, stating, “We believe that education is the key to empowering individuals to make informed decisions in the crypto ecosystem.” By identifying potential weaknesses and areas for improvement, users can enhance their portfolio’s performance and effectively mitigate risks.

The Rise of AI in the Crypto Industry

According to a recent survey conducted by KuCoin, millennial investors are increasingly seeking AI-generated assistance to make secure financial decisions. This trend has prompted crypto industry players to integrate AI technology into their services. For example, earlier this year, Indian crypto exchange CoinDCX announced the integration of AI and machine learning capabilities into its Okto crypto wallet service, primarily focusing on enhancing security.

While AI has been a popular tool among developers for nearly a decade, the conversation surrounding this technology gained momentum with the recent surge of AI-based chatbots like ChatGPT on social media platforms.


Mudrex’s introduction of SatoshiGPT, an AI chatbot for educating users about cryptocurrencies, signifies a proactive approach to inform and empower individuals in their crypto investment endeavors. By utilizing AI to simplify information accessibility and mitigate risks, SatoshiGPT aims to assist India’s diverse population in making informed decisions within the dynamic crypto sector. As the crypto industry continues to evolve, the integration of AI technology is expected to play a significant role in guiding investors and ensuring a safer and more informed crypto landscape.

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