Outcry Ensues as Disney Lays Off Galyn Susman, the Hero Behind ‘Toy Story 2

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In a shocking turn of events, Galyn Susman, a longtime Disney producer credited with saving “Toy Story 2,” has been laid off along with several other Pixar employees. The news of these mass layoffs has left fans furious and questioning the decision made by the renowned animation studio. This article delves into the circumstances surrounding the layoffs, the critical role Galyn played in the preservation of “Toy Story 2,” and the public’s outcry against the perceived lack of loyalty.

Mass Layoffs Rock Pixar:

Recently, Reuters reported that 75 Pixar workers, including three key individuals, were let go in a round of mass layoffs. Among those affected were Galyn Susman, Michael Agulnek, Pixar’s VP of worldwide publicity, and Angus MacLane, director of the movie “Lightyear,” as well as other Pixar productions. These layoffs are said to be linked to the disappointing performance of the film “Lightyear,” which received mixed reviews and fell short of box office expectations, earning only $226 million globally against its $200 million budget.

Galyn Susman’s Crucial Role:

Galyn Susman’s termination has struck a chord with fans, particularly due to her crucial role in rescuing “Toy Story 2” from potential disaster. The legendary tale of how she saved the film has been shared among Disney executives over the years. During the production of the movie, a computer glitch caused the deletion of a substantial portion—nearly 90%—of the completed film, leaving the studio in a panic just a year before its scheduled release.

As the studio scrambled to salvage what remained, it appeared that they would have to start from scratch. However, Galyn came to the rescue by providing a backup copy of the film. This lifesaving act saved Disney countless hours, efforts, and money. Although the studio ultimately reimagined the movie, the additional files that Galyn possessed undoubtedly played a significant role in easing the process.

Outrage on Social Media:

News of Galyn Susman’s layoff quickly spread across social media platforms, triggering an outpouring of frustration from fans. Many Twitter users expressed their disappointment, labeling Disney’s decision as cold-blooded and lacking in gratitude. The fact that Galyn had played an integral role in preserving the beloved “Toy Story 2” only added to the sense of betrayal felt by many supporters.

The Unforgiving Nature of Showbiz:

In the entertainment industry, loyalty and IOUs often have expiration dates. The abrupt termination of Galyn Susman, a highly respected and experienced producer, serves as a stark reminder of this reality. While fans may mourn the loss of her talents, the harsh truth is that showbiz can be unforgiving, and decisions are often driven by the bottom line rather than sentimentality.


The recent mass layoffs at Pixar, which included the departure of Galyn Susman, a Disney producer renowned for her pivotal role in saving “Toy Story 2,” have sparked outrage among fans. The decision appears to be tied to the underperformance of the film “Lightyear.” However, fans argue that scapegoating and dismissing key personnel involved in the development of the movie is unjust, particularly considering Galyn’s crucial contribution to preserving a cherished Pixar film. As social media continues to buzz with discontent, it remains to be seen how this public outcry will influence the decisions and future endeavors of the Mouse House.

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