Khloé Kardashian Changes Son’s Last Name to Thompson

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Khloé Kardashian, the renowned television personality and founder of Good American, recently made a significant decision regarding her son’s last name. Born in July 2022, her son was initially registered as “Baby Kardashian” on his birth certificate. However, Khloé later opted to legally change his last name to Thompson, aligning it with his father, Tristan Thompson. This move demonstrates Khloé’s commitment to co-parenting and fostering a strong and healthy relationship for the sake of their children.

A Journey of Naming:

Keeping her son’s first name under wraps for almost a year, Khloé finally unveiled it during the season 3 premiere of The Kardashians in May. Reflecting on the challenges of naming a child, she humorously expressed the difficulty involved in making such a significant decision. Prior to the announcement, Khloé had kept the name a secret, explaining that she wanted to meet her son and get to know him before settling on a name. She playfully joked about the possibility of her daughter, True, accidentally revealing the name before the premiere, adding a touch of anticipation to the reveal.

The Relationship Timeline:

Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s relationship has been subject to public scrutiny over the years. The couple, who are not married, began dating in 2016 and have experienced their fair share of ups and downs. They welcomed their daughter, True, in 2018, and although their relationship faced challenges, they managed to maintain a co-parenting dynamic. The couple finally called it quits in 2021 but continued to prioritize their children’s well-being.

Co-Parenting Journey:

The decision to change their son’s last name reflects Khloé and Tristan’s ongoing commitment to effective co-parenting. As they navigate their separate lives, the focus remains on creating a healthy and supportive environment for their children. Although rumors have circulated about a possible reconciliation since Tristan joined the Los Angeles Lakers, an insider recently stated that Khloé is content with their strong co-parenting relationship and does not envision a romantic reunion.

Looking Ahead:

Khloé Kardashian’s decision to change her son’s last name to Thompson showcases her dedication to co-parenting and fostering a positive environment for her children. Despite the challenges they have faced as a couple, Khloé and Tristan have managed to prioritize the well-being of their kids, True and Tatum. By setting aside personal differences and focusing on their shared responsibility, they continue to inspire others who may be navigating similar circumstances.


Khloé Kardashian’s recent decision to change her son’s last name to Thompson reflects her commitment to co-parenting with Tristan Thompson. Choosing to prioritize their children’s well-being above all else, Khloé and Tristan have embraced the challenges of raising their kids together. While a romantic reunion may not be on the horizon, their dedication to a strong and healthy co-parenting relationship serves as a positive example for others. By prioritizing the best interests of their children, Khloé and Tristan are paving the way for a loving and supportive family dynamic.

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