Cryptocurrency Community Stunned as SwirlLend’s Total Value Locked Crashes After Rug Pull

Picture Source: BeInCrypto

The decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, known for its promise of financial inclusion and innovation, has recently witnessed a disheartening event that underscores the challenges it faces in terms of security and trust. SwirlLend, a DeFi protocol, suffered a rug pull, causing its Total Value Locked (TVL) to plummet almost to zero. This incident sheds light on the vulnerabilities within the DeFi space and raises concerns about the rise of scams targeting emerging platforms. Additionally, Coinbase’s Layer 2 Base network protocol, despite its potential, has become a hotspot for scammers, further highlighting the need for vigilance within the cryptocurrency community.

The SwirlLend Rug Pull

The DeFi community was struck with disappointment as SwirlLend, a promising DeFi protocol, experienced a sudden and severe decline in its Total Value Locked. A rug pull, a nefarious act in which developers abandon a project after withdrawing funds, allegedly led to this plummet from $784,300 to a mere $49.26. Adding to the severity of the situation, the SwirlLend team erased their digital footprint by deleting social media accounts and taking down the official website. The attacker bridged assets from Base and Linea to Ethereum, largely utilizing the Orbiter Finance bridge. As a result, a substantial portion of assets were moved to Ethereum, exacerbating the losses incurred by investors.

The Rise of Scammers on Coinbase’s Base Protocol

Coinbase’s Layer 2 Base network protocol, initially anticipated for its potential to revolutionize crypto transactions, has unfortunately become a breeding ground for scams. With an impressive one million users even before its mainnet launch, Base garnered significant attention within the crypto community. However, this success was accompanied by speculations and concerns about security. Scammers seized the opportunity, launching rug pulls and meme tokens, such as the notorious BALD meme coin. This raised red flags about the platform’s vulnerability to scams.

Challenges and Community Concerns

The recent rug pull incidents and scams within the DeFi sector, particularly on platforms like Base, have led to growing unease within the cryptocurrency community. The high level of risk associated with DeFi investments has been highlighted once again, demonstrating that the decentralized nature of these projects can also leave them susceptible to malicious actors. The lack of regulation and oversight in the DeFi space further compounds these challenges, making it crucial for users to exercise caution and due diligence before participating in such ventures.


The SwirlLend rug pull serves as a stark reminder of the risks inherent in the DeFi sector, and the subsequent loss of investor funds underscores the need for enhanced security measures and due diligence. The rise of scams on Coinbase’s Base protocol raises important questions about the platform’s readiness to combat malicious activities. As the DeFi space continues to evolve, it is imperative for both developers and users to remain vigilant and work collectively to establish a more secure and trustworthy ecosystem. The lessons learned from these unfortunate incidents can contribute to the overall growth and sustainability of the DeFi industry.

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