Google Cloud Joins Polygon Labs as Validator, Boosting Network Security

Picture Source: BeInCrypto

Polygon Labs, a key player in the world of blockchain technology, recently announced that Google Cloud has joined its ranks as a decentralized validator. This partnership marks a significant step in enhancing the security and credibility of Polygon’s network, with Google Cloud bringing its reputation and expertise to the table.

Google Cloud’s Role as a Validator:

Polygon described Google Cloud as a “high-quality, trusted, security-minded validator.” In this role, Google Cloud will play a crucial part in verifying transactions and enhancing the security of Polygon’s network, specifically focusing on Heimdall, Bor, and Polygon Proof of Stake (PoS) users. By participating as a validator, Google Cloud will contribute to fortifying the network’s infrastructure, increasing its overall security, and encouraging wider adoption.

Mutual Commitment to Decentralization:

Google Cloud has emphasized its commitment to contributing to the collective security, governance, and decentralization of the Layer 2 network. This partnership reflects the growing interest and involvement of established tech giants in the blockchain space, recognizing the potential of decentralized technologies.

Positive Reaction from the Community:

Crypto enthusiasts and observers have hailed this development as evidence of Polygon’s continuous growth and resilience in the cryptocurrency market. Despite challenging market conditions, Polygon has demonstrated its ability to expand its reach through new product development and strategic partnerships.

Ajay Kashyap, a popular Crypto YouTuber, commented on the news, noting Polygon’s remarkable journey:

“MATIC is that one Crypto project that has not only survived during the Bear run but also managed to spread itself worldwide, from building new products to collaboration and partnership.”

Google Cloud’s Stake in Polygon:

Interestingly, Google Cloud’s stake in Polygon is relatively modest. According to Polygon’s staking dashboard, Google Cloud has staked 10,451 MATIC tokens, equivalent to approximately $5,491 at the time of the announcement. The validator has earned 30.01 MATIC tokens, valued at $15.77.

Growing Interest in Polygon:

This collaboration with Google Cloud is not the first time Polygon has attracted the attention of major technology firms. Earlier in the year, Deutsche Telekom became a network validator within the Polygon ecosystem. Additionally, various Layer 1 blockchain networks are turning to Polygon’s technology to transition into Ethereum-based Layer 2 networks.

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Impact on MATIC Price:

Following this news, Polygon’s native cryptocurrency, MATIC, experienced a minor uptick in price, rising by 1.36% to reach $0.5283, according to BeInCrypto data. This price movement marks a recovery from MATIC’s yearly low of $0.5040 recorded earlier in the week, indicating a potential reversal of the three-month downtrend. Market indicators suggest that MATIC may be entering a period of recovery and growth.


Google Cloud’s involvement as a validator in the Polygon network is a testament to the blockchain platform’s growth and the increasing interest of major technology players in blockchain technology. This collaboration not only enhances Polygon’s security but also contributes to the overall credibility and decentralization of blockchain networks. It also marks a potential turning point for MATIC’s price trajectory, hinting at a brighter future for Polygon and its cryptocurrency.

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