VanEck Commits to Donate 10% of Ethereum Futures ETF Profits to Protocol Guild

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In a significant move, asset management firm VanEck has pledged to donate a substantial portion of its profits from its Ethereum Futures ETF to Ethereum’s Protocol Guild for at least a decade. This announcement comes at a time when the market anticipates the launch of several futures exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the coming weeks.

VanEck’s Generous Commitment:

VanEck, in a statement released on September 29, revealed its intention to allocate 10% of the profits generated by its Ethereum Futures ETF to Ethereum’s Protocol Guild for a minimum period of ten years.

The Protocol Guild is a coalition comprising 152 key contributors to Ethereum’s core protocol, and its mission is to facilitate distributed funding for distributed systems.

According to VanEck, this donation serves as a gesture of appreciation for the Protocol Guild’s pivotal role in constructing and maintaining Ethereum’s infrastructure over nearly a decade. The asset management firm specifically acknowledged the developers’ substantial contributions to Ethereum’s recent Merge and Shanghai upgrades.

VanEck’s announcement coincides with its forthcoming launch of an Ethereum Futures ETF product, scheduled for next week. Although the fund is currently effective, it is not yet available for trading.

VanEck, while acknowledging the uncertainty surrounding the fund’s trading commencement, has assured investors of forthcoming details.

Joining the Ranks of Generous Donors:

By committing to this donation initiative, VanEck joins the ranks of other prominent platforms, including Arbitrum, Lido, and Uniswap, which have also been significant contributors to the Protocol Guild.

Marketing Implications:

This move by VanEck has the potential to ignite a marketing battle among Ethereum Futures ETFs set to enter the market soon. Bloomberg analyst James Seyfarrt suggests that this donation pledge may initiate a competitive environment among Ethereum Futures ETFs.

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Earlier this week, VanEck released a television commercial focused on its Ethereum Strategy ETF, encouraging viewers to “Enter the Ether” and announcing the imminent launch of its ETF product.

Speculation is growing that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) may approve an Ether futures ETF before a government shutdown, which has spurred market observers to closely watch developments in the ETF space.


VanEck’s commitment to donate a significant portion of its Ethereum Futures ETF profits to Ethereum’s Protocol Guild demonstrates a willingness to support and acknowledge the contributions of the Ethereum developer community. As the market prepares for the introduction of multiple futures ETFs, the competition and marketing efforts surrounding these products are likely to intensify, attracting more attention to the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency investment.

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