Israel war update as of today Oct. 14

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

Israeli Forces CH-53 helicopter was hit by a Palestinian force’s small arms fire which forced it to make an emergency crash landing during attacks on Gaza.

Israel issued a warning to more than 1 million civilians living north of Wadi Gaza to evacuate within 24 hours. The IDF continues to drop leaflets over Gaza demanding that the Palestinian population leave major population centers.

The IDF has already carried out limited ground raids into Gaza, but a larger scale ground operation is expected.

General Updates:

The United States asked Israel to postpone the start of the ground operation in Gaza until a safe corridor was created for the withdrawal of civilians.

The UN has reported that according to their information, almost 425000 people have fled their homes in Gaza.

The US Army announces the arrival of a number of F15 aircraft to the Middle East they will support Israeli forces if other parties join the war.

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