Terraform Co Founder Do Kwon Faces Extended Detention Amid Extradition Dispute

The co-founder of Terraform Labs, Do Kwon, finds himself in further legal turmoil as Montenegro’s High Court extends his detention by an additional two months until February 15. The decision comes amidst an ongoing dispute regarding the potential country to which Kwon could be extradited.

According to recent reports, the High Court in Podgorica ruled to prolong Kwon’s custody, which was set to expire on Friday, providing an extension until mid-February.

The legal saga surrounding Kwon has been unfolding since March when authorities detained him in Montenegro. The extradition dispute involves both US and South Korean prosecutors seeking jurisdiction over Kwon to address criminal charges.

A ruling issued by the High Court last month raised the possibility of Kwon’s extradition, a proposition vehemently disputed by his legal team. The exact nature of the charges and the specifics of the extradition request remain key points of contention in the legal battle.

Notably, recent reports from sources familiar with the matter suggest that justice officials are leaning towards returning Kwon to the United States rather than South Korea to address the charges against him.

In response to the extradition proceedings, Kwon filed an appeal on December 6, expressing his refusal to accept the court’s decision:

“I do not accept the court’s decision to extradite me, so I do not submit to the court’s decision.”

The legal uncertainties surrounding Do Kwon’s case underscore the complexities of international jurisdiction and extradition processes in cases involving individuals with connections to multiple countries. As the dispute continues, stakeholders closely watch the legal proceedings, anticipating further developments that will shape the fate of the Terraform Labs co-founder in the coming months.

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