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Making Money with Google Maps by Using my Business Option

In the vast landscape of side hustles, one has recently emerged as a potential goldmine which is Google My Business optimization. As shared by content creators on YouTube, there’s a strategy that promises not just hundreds but you can easily start making money with google maps potentially thousands of dollars per month. Intrigued? Let’s delve into the details.

Legitimacy Confirmed

The first question that arises is the legitimacy of this side hustle. According to enthusiastic explorers, it’s not just a clickbait promise; it’s legit. The approach involves utilizing Google Maps to identify local businesses, particularly home service providers, and offering them a comprehensive Google My Business profile setup.

Untapped Potential in Local Businesses

The potential market is vast. From painters to plumbers, many small businesses lack a well-optimized Google Business profile. The opportunity lies in approaching these businesses, offering to set up their profiles for free, and later upselling additional services like SEO, website design, and online reputation management.

Cracking the Numbers: The Business Model

The presenter breaks down the numbers to illustrate the potential earnings. Suppose there are around 500 home service providers in your area. With a conservative three percent conversion rate, you could potentially convert 15 clients. Offering a package at $100 per month, including website, SEO, and reputation management, translates to $1,500 per month.

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However, the real game-changer comes when you refine your approach, increase conversion rates, and expand your reach. Doubling the conversion rate to seven percent, you could be managing the profiles of 35 clients, yielding $3,500 per month. Annualized, this side hustle could bring in an additional $40,000 per year.

The Art of Providing Value: A Unique Approach

What sets this strategy apart is the initial offering—setting up Google My Business profiles for free. By doing this, you provide tangible value to businesses, demonstrating the potential improvement in their online presence. Once you’ve proven your worth, upselling becomes a natural progression, offering a monthly subscription for continued services.

Leveraging AI for Success

The presenter suggests using AI tools like Chat GPT to craft effective sales pitches. By using a well-crafted script, you can confidently reach out to businesses, explain the benefits, and secure their interest.

Why Free is More Valuable

The presenter advocates for providing the initial service for free to increase conversion rates. By offering something of value without immediate monetary commitment, businesses are more likely to engage. The subsequent upsell becomes a logical step, especially when you’ve already showcased the positive impact on their online visibility.

In conclusion, this side hustle seems to offer a low-barrier entry point for individuals look to making money on google maps. With the potential to scale beyond local boundaries, the strategy taps into the unmet needs of businesses, making it an intriguing venture for those seeking a quick and profitable side hustle.

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