Medical Expert Reveals Shocking Details About Kate Middleton Health and Return to Royal Duties

A medical expert has unveiled startling insights into Princess Kate’s current health status and the early stages of her recovery, indicating that she is “unlikely to travel outside the UK” upon resuming royal duties.

Since undergoing a “successful” abdominal surgery on January 16, the Princess of Wales has been absent from public engagements, with Kensington Palace stating that she is unlikely to make appearances until after Easter. However, no further details regarding the operation or Kate’s condition have been disclosed by the Palace.

In an interview with GB News, consultant psychologist Dr. James Thompson shed light on Kate’s potential return to royal duties, stating, “Depending on the success of her recovery and how confident she is feeling at this time, this will determine when she is back performing her royal duties.”

Dr. James elaborated, explaining that with a swift recovery, Kate is expected to resume her usual engagements relatively soon, including meeting the general public. However, he emphasized that international travel is unlikely in the early stages of her recuperation.

The psychologist’s assertions suggest that Princess Kate and Prince William will refrain from engaging in any overseas travel in the coming months as the princess focuses on her recovery and gradually resumes her royal responsibilities.

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