Piers Morgan Raises Concerns Over Royal Family’s Silence on Princess Kate’s Health

Renowned journalist and royal commentator Piers Morgan has sparked serious concerns regarding the royal family’s lack of transparency surrounding Princess Kate’s health update. Morgan took to X (formerly Twitter) to express disbelief over Prince William’s unexpected decision to forego the memorial service for his godfather, King Constantine of Greece.

Morgan’s reaction was prompted by a tweet from royal expert Chris Ship, who revealed that the Prince of Wales would no longer be attending the memorial service, citing it as a “personal matter.” Ship also noted that Prince William’s office provided reassurance that Kate Middleton continues to “do well” without further elaboration.

Expressing his unease, Morgan remarked, “Very strange, and rather concerning. The Palace should offer more clarity.” He further questioned the significance of the undisclosed matter, emphasizing the importance of paying respects to Prince William’s godfather.

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The Princess of Wales underwent a ‘planned abdominal surgery’ at the London Clinic on January 16, 2024, as confirmed by Kensington Palace. Despite assurances of her recovery, the lack of detailed updates from the palace has fueled speculation and raised eyebrows among royal observers.

Morgan’s call for transparency reflects a broader sentiment of uncertainty surrounding the royal family’s handling of Princess Kate’s health situation. As concerns mount, the public awaits further clarification from Buckingham Palace to alleviate doubts and ensure transparency regarding the well-being of the royal family.

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