Apple to Unveil Foldable iPhone in 2026

Rumors about Apple’s venture into the foldable device realm have gained momentum, with reports suggesting the tech giant is gearing up to release a foldable iPhone in 2026. The speculation contradicts earlier claims that Apple’s first foray into foldable technology would be a 20.3-inch MacBook, set for mass production in 2027.

According to information shared by tipster Revegnus (@Tech_Reve), citing a report from Korean outlet AlphaBiz, a senior Apple official confirmed the company’s plans for a foldable iPhone with a targeted release window in 2026. The official stated, “After careful consideration, Apple has confirmed the release of its foldable iPhone for the later-than-expected year of 2026.”

The report emphasizes Apple’s commitment to delivering a product that stands out in the competitive foldables market. The foldable iPhone is anticipated to be thinner and lighter than its counterparts, showcasing Apple’s dedication to cutting-edge technology. The company aims to address a common concern among foldable devices—crease marks on the folding screen. The official was quoted as saying, “In particular, the goal is to avoid the wrinkles that competitors are struggling with.”

While Apple is playing catch-up in the foldables segment, competitors such as Samsung and Google have already introduced foldable phones to the market. Samsung has rolled out multiple generations of both clamshell and book-style foldable phones, while Google launched the Pixel Fold last year.

The latest information contradicts previous reports suggesting a foldable MacBook as Apple’s primary focus in the foldable category. Ming-Chi Kuo, a TF Securities analyst, had asserted that a 20.3-inch MacBook was the only foldable product with a clear development schedule, set to enter mass production in 2027. The discrepancy raises questions about Apple’s strategy and the timeline for its diverse range of foldable devices.

While excitement builds around Apple’s venture into the foldable market, it’s essential to note that the company faced setbacks in the past, as indicated by a report last month suggesting a pause in the development of a foldable phone due to issues with the folding display. As the technological landscape evolves, all eyes will be on Apple as it seeks to make a significant impact with its upcoming foldable iPhone in 2026.

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