Zoom Launched New App for Apple Vision Pro With Personas, Spatial Zoom Experience Feature

Zoom, the renowned video conferencing platform, has introduced a new app tailored for the Apple Vision Pro, a cutting-edge mixed reality headset. The app promises to elevate virtual meetings by incorporating elements from participants’ physical surroundings, enhancing the overall immersive experience. Scheduled for release in the US on February 2, the Zoom app for Apple Vision Pro will be available for download on the App Store concurrently.

Key Features of the Zoom App for Apple Vision Pro:

  1. Digital Avatars with Personas Feature: Utilizing Apple’s Personas feature, the app enables participants to generate digital avatars for meetings. These avatars, crafted in real-time through machine learning, replicate movements and expressions, enhancing the interactive nature of virtual interactions.
  2. Spatial Zoom Experience: This feature allows users to scale virtual meeting rooms to the size of their real-life surroundings, fostering a sense of shared space with colleagues, friends, and family. The Spatial Zoom Experience aims to make remote meetings more immersive and collaborative.

Apple Vision Pro Pricing:

  • 256GB Variant: $3,499
  • 512GB Variant: $3,699
  • 1TB Variant: $3,899

Upcoming Features:

  1. 3D Object Sharing: Users can share 3D models, allowing others to view them from various angles. This feature is particularly useful for professionals such as animators or game designers collaborating on character models.
  2. Zoom Team Chat: Set to be added in the first half of the year, Team Chat enables easy communication among Apple Vision Pro users. This feature enhances collaboration within teams during mixed reality meetings.
  3. Real-World Pinning: Users can pin up to five participants anywhere in their physical space, enhancing the spatial awareness during virtual meetings. Additionally, an option to remove participants’ backgrounds for a more immersive appearance will be introduced.

As Zoom continues to innovate and adapt its platform for emerging technologies, the integration with Apple Vision Pro marks a significant step towards enhancing the virtual meeting experience through mixed reality capabilities.

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