Critic Slams Comparison of Kate Middleton’s Illness to “The Crown” Drama

Commentator Lee Cohen has sharply criticized the tendency to treat Kate Middleton’s illness as if it were a plotline from “The Crown,” denouncing the sensationalism and speculation surrounding the Princess’s health in a candid conversation with GB News.

Cohen began by likening the situation to a version of the popular Netflix series, “The Crown,” suggesting that the global fascination with the royal family had led to a misguided portrayal of real-life events as fictional drama.

He emphasized how the public’s obsession with scandal and gossip had fueled speculation and conspiracy theories, creating a distorted narrative around Kate Middleton’s illness.

According to Cohen, the portrayal of Kate’s illness as a sensationalized saga akin to “The Crown” reflects a troubling trend in media consumption, where real-life events are sensationalized and fictionalized for entertainment purposes.

He lamented the tendency for some to become swept away by palace intrigue, treating the situation as mere fodder for gossip rather than a serious health issue.

The commentator’s remarks highlight the dangers of conflating reality with fiction, particularly when it comes to sensitive matters such as health and personal well-being. He urged for greater sensitivity and awareness in media coverage, calling for a shift away from sensationalism towards more responsible reporting.

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As Kate Middleton bravely navigates her illness and treatment, Cohen’s criticism serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting privacy and dignity, even amidst public curiosity and speculation.

It underscores the need for empathy and compassion in discussing sensitive topics, rather than succumbing to the allure of sensationalized narratives.

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