Expert Dismisses Rumors of Kate Middleton’s Appearance Amidst Controversy

Royal contributor Amanda Foreman has weighed in on the ongoing speculation surrounding Kate Middleton’s public appearance amidst rumors of photo manipulation and the use of a body double.

Foreman asserted that the Duchess of Cambridge will not succumb to external pressure and bullying tactics by making an official appearance to quell the rumors.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Foreman addressed the credibility issues faced by both the Royal family and the press. She emphasized the need to resolve these issues, as they can impact public perception and trust in the monarchy.

Foreman highlighted the Royal family’s aversion to being bullied, likening their response to having their “ears back like a donkey” when faced with such situations.

She suggested that demanding to see Kate Middleton before the timeline set by the Royals, which is after Easter, would only exacerbate the situation and potentially lead to panic within the family.

Regarding the proliferation of rumors, Foreman attributed it to human nature, stating that people tend to create stories when there isn’t one. She emphasized the importance of addressing the underlying issues and avoiding the spread of misinformation.

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In conclusion, Foreman emphasized the need for clarity and transparency to dispel rumors and restore credibility to both the Royal family and the press.

She cautioned against allowing unfounded speculation to fuel further controversy and underscored the importance of addressing the root causes of the ongoing situation.

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