LinkedIn Explores Gaming Integration to Boost User Engagement

LinkedIn, the renowned professional networking platform owned by Microsoft, is gearing up to expand its offerings beyond job searches and business connections by introducing games to its platform. This move marks a significant departure for LinkedIn, as it joins the ranks of other social media giants like Facebook and YouTube in exploring the integration of in-app gaming.

According to reports from TechCrunch, LinkedIn is developing several puzzle-based games for its users, including titles like “Queens,” “Inference,” and “Crossclimb.” While the company has confirmed its gaming plans, it has yet to announce a specific launch date for these new additions.

A spokesperson from LinkedIn shared insights into the company’s vision, stating that the introduction of puzzle-based games aims to inject some fun into the platform, deepen user relationships, and foster meaningful conversations among professionals.

Further details about the games remain under wraps, but screenshots shared by app researcher Nima Owji on social media offer a glimpse into what users can expect. The screenshots suggest that companies on LinkedIn will be ranked in the games based on the performance of their employees, adding a competitive element to the gaming experience.

While LinkedIn’s foray into gaming represents a bold move, the platform has already demonstrated its commitment to innovation with the recent disclosure of sales figures for its premium subscription service. With revenue reaching $1.7 billion in 2023, driven in part by the integration of AI tools, LinkedIn is poised to leverage its vast user base and enhance the overall user experience through new offerings like in-app games.

The introduction of gaming on LinkedIn underscores the platform’s evolution into a multifaceted hub for professional development, networking, and now, entertainment. As users await the rollout of these new features, LinkedIn continues to pave the way for innovative ways to engage and connect professionals worldwide.

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