Piers Morgan Mocks Princess Kate Middleton’s Apology, Calls for Release of Original Photo

Piers Morgan, renowned television personality and outspoken critic, has taken aim at Princess Kate Middleton’s apology for editing the Mother’s Day photo featuring her children, offering his own advice on how to rectify the situation.

The controversy erupted after several photo libraries removed the edited image from their websites, citing concerns over its authenticity. In response, the Princess of Wales issued a statement on social media, expressing regret for any confusion caused by the edited photograph. However, Morgan, known for his candid commentary, wasn’t satisfied with the apology.

In a post on X, Morgan asserted, “OK, but the only way to quell the conspiracy theories is to release the original pic…” suggesting that transparency is the key to dispelling doubts surrounding the authenticity of the photo.

Adding to the discourse, a Palace source provided context for the photo, explaining that it was an “amateur, family photograph taken by the Prince of Wales.” The source clarified that the royal couple intended to share an informal snapshot of their family on Mother’s Day and that Kate had made minor adjustments before sharing it on social media.

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Despite the explanation from the Palace, the call for transparency persists, with Morgan’s remarks reflecting broader skepticism surrounding the edited photo. As the debate rages on, the focus remains on the need for clarity and transparency in addressing public concerns over the authenticity of images shared by members of the Royal Family.

While Kate’s apology sought to mitigate the controversy, the demand for the original photo underscores the importance of openness and honesty in maintaining public trust and credibility, particularly in the age of social media and digital manipulation.

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