Royal Expert Issues Warning Ahead of King Charles’s Easter Service Appearance

Ahead of his attendance at the Easter Sunday Service, Britain’s King Charles received a stark warning from royal expert Angela Levin regarding his health.

Despite concerns raised by Levin, the monarch made a significant public appearance at the service, accompanied by Queen Camilla, marking his first official outing since his cancer diagnosis.

In an interview with GB News, Angela Levin expressed her apprehensions about King Charles’s well-being, noting that he “doesn’t look very well” ahead of the Easter Sunday Service. Levin cautioned against the Palace’s assurance of the King’s attendance, emphasizing the need for caution given his health condition.

However, following King Charles’s appearance at the service, Levin took to X, formerly Twitter, to share a positive update, remarking on the monarch’s improved appearance.

She tweeted, “Wonderful to see King Charles arriving for prayers at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. He looks so much healthier than he did in the photograph for Maundy Thursday.”

King Charles’s participation in the Easter Sunday Service signals a significant milestone in his ongoing battle with cancer, demonstrating his determination to fulfill his royal duties despite health challenges.

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Alongside Queen Camilla, the King graciously greeted well-wishers and members of the public, receiving warm wishes and support from those in attendance.

As King Charles continues his treatment journey, his appearance at the Easter service serves as a testament to his resilience and commitment to his role as monarch.

The positive update from Angela Levin reflects the collective relief and admiration for the King’s strength and determination in the face of adversity.

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