Speculation of Deepfake Over Kate Middleton’s Cancer Announcement Video

Kate Middleton’s public revelation of her cancer diagnosis has sparked intense scrutiny, with a new detail in the video stirring up conspiracy theories suggesting potential AI manipulation.

Dubbed the “ring glitch,” a slowed-down version of the video appears to show Middleton’s sapphire ring disappearing and reappearing in several frames.

The phenomenon has gained traction on social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok, with users dissecting the video to determine if the ring indeed changes.

While some are quick to label the video as a deepfake, others caution against jumping to conclusions.

Internet sleuths have pointed to various elements in the video, including Middleton’s attire and the background, as potential evidence of manipulation.

However, it’s essential to note that none of these theories have been substantiated.

In response to the speculation, digital AI artist Garry Walker took to X to debunk the claims, highlighting the effects of motion blur and changing angles.

According to Walker, the ring remains clearly visible throughout the video, refuting allegations of deepfake.

Despite efforts to dispel the rumors, controversy continues to swirl around Middleton’s cancer announcement.

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While some find solace in the truth about her health, others express concern for the future Queen.

Nevertheless, a persistent group remains intent on fueling rumors, fueled by Kensington Palace’s questionable PR strategies.

As debates rage on, the truth behind Middleton’s cancer video remains elusive, underscoring the complexities of navigating public scrutiny amidst personal challenges.

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