Frustrated Prince Harry Takes Drastic Action Following King Charles’ Surprising Decision

Prince Harry, who has recently declared the United States as his ‘primary residence,’ is reportedly harboring deep-seated anger towards the UK and the royal family.

According to royal author Angela Levin, Prince Harry’s decision to change his primary residence stems from his frustration with the UK and the royal family.

Levin asserted that Harry’s anger is fueled by King Charles’s unexpected decision, which left him feeling “homeless” in his own country alongside Meghan Markle.

Levin revealed on GB News that Prince Harry’s relocation to the United States coincided with his departure from Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, a move that symbolized a significant shift in his ties to the UK.

Levin emphasized that Harry’s obligations to Britain are diminishing rapidly, reflecting his growing estrangement from his homeland.

The biographer elaborated on the circumstances surrounding Harry’s departure from Frogmore Cottage, stating that while Queen Elizabeth had considered allocating the residence to Prince Andrew, it ultimately suited Harry’s needs better.

Following their move to California, Levin noted that Harry’s sentiments towards the UK have soured, with the Prince feeling aggrieved by what he perceives as mistreatment.

Levin’s insights were further underscored by host Emma Webb’s observation that Harry’s decision signifies his acceptance of his new Californian identity.

However, Levin contended that Harry’s relocation is driven more by resentment towards the UK and his family rather than a genuine desire for a Californian lifestyle.

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Moreover, Levin predicted potential ramifications of Harry’s move, including implications for his role as a Counsellor of State and his security arrangements in the UK.

She highlighted the challenges Harry may face in receiving adequate protection from British authorities due to his change in citizenship status.

As Prince Harry navigates his new life in the United States, the rift between him and his homeland appears to deepen, reflecting the complexities of his relationship with the royal family and the profound impact of recent events on his sense of identity and belonging.

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