Is Meghan Markle’s Luxury Brand a Royal Masquerade?

Renowned royal author Kennedy has recently made waves with his candid critique of Meghan Markle’s new luxury brand, likening it to a “shameless royal masquerade.”

In a revealing piece for The Daily Mail, Kennedy delved into the timing and implications surrounding the launch of Markle’s brand, offering a critical perspective that has ignited discussions across the globe.

Kennedy didn’t hold back, expressing his belief that the timing of Markle’s brand launch seemed to be a deliberate snub towards the Waleses, particularly in light of swirling rumors about the health of their marriage reaching a boiling point.

The author pointed out that even American television personalities such as Andy Cohen and Stephen Colbert were taking jabs at Kate Middleton, further complicating the already tense atmosphere within the royal family.

One of the most pointed criticisms raised by Kennedy was the proximity of Markle’s brand unveiling to Prince William’s public appearance at an awards ceremony honoring his late mother, Princess Diana.

The juxtaposition of these events, according to Kennedy, left a sour taste, suggesting a lack of sensitivity on Markle’s part.

Kennedy’s assessment of Markle’s luxury brand didn’t stop at the timing of its launch; he also took aim at the brand itself, describing it as a “shameless royal masquerade.”

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From Markle’s glamorous appearances to the ostentatious gold embroidered logo, Kennedy implied that the brand may be exploiting Markle’s royal connections for commercial gain.

In conclusion, Kennedy’s critique of Meghan Markle’s luxury brand highlights the complex interplay between celebrity, royalty, and commercialism.

As discussions surrounding Markle’s brand continue to unfold, it remains to be seen how her latest venture will be received by the public and the royal family alike.

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