Kate Middleton’s Cancer Announcement Video Draws Scrutiny as Getty Images Adds Disclaimer

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, faces another wave of controversy following the release of her cancer announcement video. Getty Images, a prominent photo agency, has added a disclaimer to the video, raising questions about its authenticity and origin.

The disclaimer, prominently displayed on the Getty Images website, highlights that the video was provided by a third-party organization, likely Kensington Palace, and may not adhere to the agency’s editorial policy.

A spokesperson for Getty Images confirmed to Fox News Digital that such disclaimers are standard practice for handout content provided by third-party organizations.

This development comes in the wake of Middleton’s recent public relations setbacks, notably the Mother’s Day photo debacle.

The Princess sparked scrutiny after sharing a portrait with her children on the eve of Mother’s Day in the UK last month.

Internet sleuths quickly pointed out inconsistencies and editing evidence in the image, leading media agencies to retract it.

AFP’s global news director subsequently declared Middleton and Prince William’s representatives as “non-trusted sources” in the aftermath of the photo controversy.

Middleton took responsibility for the editing, apologizing for any confusion caused by the altered photograph.

Despite this apology, the addition of a disclaimer to the cancer announcement video suggests ongoing skepticism regarding Middleton’s public disclosures.

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Her decision to share a video message via BBC later in the month, revealing her diagnosis with an undisclosed form of cancer, has intensified scrutiny surrounding her recent actions and statements.

As debates over transparency and authenticity continue to swirl, Middleton finds herself navigating a precarious public relations landscape.

The addition of a disclaimer by Getty Images underscores the challenges faced by the Duchess in maintaining credibility and trust amidst mounting scrutiny.

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