Meghan Markle Slammed for Alleged Cruelty Towards Kate Middleton Amid Cancer Battle

Recent remarks from royal commentator Angela Levin have ignited a storm of criticism aimed at Meghan Markle, with accusations of cruelty towards Kate Middleton surrounding the timing of her brand launch.

In a candid interview with GBN America’s Nana Akua, Levin dissected the intricacies of Markle’s actions, particularly in relation to Middleton’s recent revelation about her battle with cancer.

The focal point of the discussion was Markle’s unveiling of her new luxury brand, American Riviera Orchard, which coincided with Middleton’s deeply personal admission.

Levin didn’t mince words, expressing her disapproval of what she perceived as a callous move by Markle. “I thought that was very cruel,” Levin remarked, questioning whether the timing was calculated to overshadow Middleton’s important disclosure.

Delving deeper, the expert analyzed the potential implications for Markle’s public image in light of these events.

The juxtaposition of her brand launch with Middleton’s cancer admission has sparked debates about Markle’s intentions and the impact on her relationship with the public.

Levin also shed light on the dynamics between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, noting a recurring pattern where Harry seems to fade into the background with each new venture, while Markle takes center stage.

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“Harry gets very, very little,” Levin observed, implying that Markle often seizes opportunities to step into the spotlight.

“Unfortunately for him, she did it because she couldn’t bear him to be in the spotlight,” Levin concluded, painting a picture of underlying tensions within the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s relationship dynamics.

As criticism mounts, Markle finds herself under increased scrutiny, with questions swirling about her motivations and treatment of fellow royals.

The fallout from these allegations may shape perceptions of Markle’s character and her place within the royal family for years to come.

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