Kate Middleton’s New Statement Draws Criticism Over Silly blunder

Princess Kate’s recent statement confirming her absence from Trooping the Colour has come under scrutiny due to a grammar blunder, drawing a deluge of attention and criticism.

In her letter addressed to the regiment of Irish Guards, expressing her regret for missing the Colonel’s Review and Trooping the Colour due to her ongoing battle with cancer, an emotional note was read out during the event’s rehearsal.

However, upon its subsequent posting on the internet, internet users were quick to point out a grammatical error.

The use of the word “practicing” instead of “practising” in British English raised eyebrows, with some users noting the correct usage in American English.

Additionally, the absence of the word “to” between “unable” and “take” in the line “I am very sorry that I’m unable take the salute…” also drew attention.

Critics took to social media to express their dissatisfaction, with one user fuming, “NOT ONLY DOES A BRITISH WOMAN NOW WRITE ‘PRACTISING’ (AMERICAN ENGLISH) INSTEAD OF ‘PRACTICING’.”

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Another user clarified the difference between “practice” and “practise” in British and American English, while others criticized the oversight, stating, “Letters from Palaces shouldn’t contain a single grammar mistake especially if they are written in the English language.”

The scrutiny extended to Kate’s handwritten signature, with some users expressing disappointment over the e-signature.

The incident highlights the meticulous attention paid to public statements from royal figures and the heightened scrutiny they face, even over seemingly minor details such as grammar and punctuation.

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