Will Meghan Markle Be Left Behind as Prince Harry Planning Future Return to UK

In a surprising revelation, royal expert Hugo Vickers has suggested that Prince Harry could make a permanent return to the UK, but without Meghan Markle by his side.

The Duke of Sussex, currently residing in America with Meghan and their children, is said to be experiencing homesickness and longing for his homeland.

Speaking on The Sun’s Royal Exclusive show, historian and biographer Hugo Vickers shared his insights with Royal Editor Matt Wilkinson, stating, “I think he’ll come home.

If he does, it will be very beneficial for him, as he may not particularly want to stay in America. He seems quite unhappy, I think.”

When asked whether Harry might return alone, Vickers affirmed, “Yes, I believe so. The opportunity for him to do so is available, as the King has indicated.”

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Vickers also speculated on Harry’s emotional state, commenting, “I personally believe he’s afraid of losing Meghan and appears somewhat intimidated by her, to be frank. It’s a difficult situation to assess.”

Matt then mentioned, “We were informed last year that he was feeling a little homesick.”

“When they were here, it was said that they were brimming with ideas – waking up at 5 a.m. in the morning and coming up with all these ideas,” Hugo stated.

“I’m disappointed that they went to America after attacking the Royal Family with all of their programs,” he added.