Prince Harry Regrets Attacking Kate Middleton in Memoir Amid Her Cancer Diagnosis

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, is reportedly experiencing regret over his previous criticisms of his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, amidst her recent cancer diagnosis. The revelations come in the wake of Harry’s forthcoming memoir, “Spare,” which has stirred controversy with its candid disclosures about the royal family.

Last year, tensions arose when Prince Harry claimed in his book that Kate Middleton had made his wife, Meghan Markle, cry. Additionally, Harry’s memoir purported that Kate had encouraged him to wear a controversial Nazi Halloween costume, further straining relations within the royal family.

According to a source cited by Us Weekly, the Princess of Wales was displeased with Harry’s portrayal of her in the memoir. The revelations have taken on added significance following Kate Middleton’s recent cancer diagnosis, prompting Harry to reflect on his past actions.

Royal expert Tessa Dunlop weighed in on the situation, highlighting the complex emotions Harry may be experiencing. “When you do discover that your sister-in-law has cancer and you’ve written stuff that can’t be retracted, that’s quite a painful place to be in,” Dunlop remarked, shedding light on the personal and emotional toll of the situation.

Dunlop also emphasized the delicate balance Harry and Meghan must navigate in their public image, particularly in light of Kate’s health struggles. “Can Harry and Meghan really hold themselves off as the caring example now?” Dunlop questioned, suggesting that the couple may need to exercise caution in their future public statements and actions.

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As Kate’s cancer diagnosis reframes the context of their past criticisms, Dunlop believes that Harry and Meghan will approach future critiques of the royal family with greater care and sensitivity. “The big C — it’s kind of untouchable.

When that comes creeping in the door, that just reframes everything,” Dunlop concluded, highlighting the profound impact of Kate’s health on the dynamics within the royal family and public perception of Harry and Meghan’s actions.

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