King Charles Urges Prince Andrew to Relinquish Royal Lodge for Kate Middleton and Prince William

Tensions escalate as King Charles presses Prince Andrew to vacate Royal Lodge, sparking renewed conflict over the Duke of York’s residence.

The King reportedly advocates for Andrew to relocate from his 30-room Windsor mansion to the smaller Frogmore Cottage, formerly inhabited by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Despite Andrew’s secure lease on Royal Lodge, the ultimate authority over royal household finances lies with King Charles, who could potentially restrict funds, making it challenging for Andrew to manage the substantial upkeep costs.

Notably, King Charles currently covers Andrew’s hefty £3 million annual security bill, intensifying the ongoing standoff. Since 2004, Andrew has resided at Royal Lodge with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, residing on the Windsor estate.

Originally gifted to George VI and the Queen Mother, Royal Lodge has a rich royal history, with additions made by the Queen Mother during her occupancy.

Speculation swirls about the potential fate of Royal Lodge should Andrew vacate.

Possibilities include selling the lease back to the Crown Estate for private tenancy or even becoming the residence of the Prince and Princess of Wales.

However, esteemed royal historian Robert Hardman downplays such rumors, suggesting that while a move may occur, it’s not currently planned.

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Despite the intrigue surrounding Royal Lodge, Prince William and Kate Middleton are content in their current residence, Adelaide Cottage.

The couple, along with their three children, enjoy the privacy and comfort of their home, as confirmed by a royal official.

Amidst these developments, the fate of Royal Lodge hangs in the balance, emblematic of the ongoing dynamics within the royal family.

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