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Outrage as Meghan Markle’s Friend Accused of Trolling Kate Middleton Amid Health Struggles

As the Princess of Wales battles through preventative chemotherapy, a disturbing incident has emerged involving a friend of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle allegedly engaging in trolling behavior directed at Kate Middleton.

Entrepreneur Christopher Bouzy, known for his appearance in the Sussex Netflix documentary series, ignited controversy with his comments questioning the Princess of Wales’ absence from public duties following her cancer diagnosis.

In a now-deleted post on social media, Bouzy expressed skepticism over Kate Middleton’s prolonged absence, citing global statistics on women continuing work during cancer treatment.

Royal biographer Angela Levin swiftly condemned Bouzy’s remarks as “spiteful,” highlighting the insensitivity of his criticism during such a sensitive time for Kate Middleton.

Levin, speaking on GB News, expressed her outrage, particularly noting that Bouzy’s association with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made the situation even more egregious.

Levin criticized Bouzy’s lack of understanding of Kate’s health situation, emphasizing that his comments were fueled by ignorance and malice rather than genuine concern.

She condemned the trolling behavior as unacceptable, especially coming from individuals associated with the royal couple.

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Host Nana Akua, while acknowledging that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry likely had no direct involvement, condemned the online comments about Kate Middleton’s health as “awful” and indicative of a larger issue of online trolling.

The incident reignites discussions about online etiquette and the responsibility of public figures and their associates to exercise empathy and restraint, particularly when discussing sensitive topics such as health struggles.

As the royal family continues to navigate this challenging period, the public’s attention turns to fostering understanding and compassion in online interactions.

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