Prince Harry’s Actions Leave Kate Middleton Feeling Tormented Amid Health Crisis

Prince Harry has reportedly been causing significant distress for Kate Middleton during an already challenging time for the royal family.

Royal experts suggest that his recent actions have exacerbated the stress she is experiencing amid the family’s ongoing health crisis.

Royal commentator and author Tom Bower has provided insights into the Princess’s feelings, revealing that Kate Middleton is increasingly troubled by Prince Harry’s behavior.

According to Bower, Prince Harry’s actions have added undue pressure on the royal family during a period of personal turmoil.

In a report by OK Magazine, Bower expressed, “Not only is there the pressure on William, but also the constant sniping from California.

I’m sure he’s furious with Harry; he’s behaved appallingly.”

This sentiment highlights the strain Harry’s conduct has placed on the family, particularly on Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The royal commentator further elaborated on the situation, stating, “While they’re establishing this so-called brand Sussex, the family here is going through torment.”

The juxtaposition of the Sussexes’ public endeavors against the backdrop of the royal family’s private struggles has been particularly distressing.

Adding to the turmoil, Bower pointed out Harry’s limited involvement following King Charles’ diagnosis.

“After Charles’ diagnosis, Harry came over for half an hour, and that’s it, he’s done nothing else,” Bower noted.

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This perceived lack of support has likely intensified the feelings of abandonment and frustration within the royal family.

In conclusion, Bower emphasized the emotional toll on Kate and William, stating, “I can imagine that Kate and William are deeply upset by having the Sussexes’ brand operation rubbed in their face while they’re going through this tragedy.”

The ongoing public and private challenges have left Kate Middleton feeling increasingly tormented, adding to the already significant burdens she faces.

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