Prince Laurent of Belgium Contemplates Quitting Royal Life Inspired by Prince Harry

Prince Laurent of Belgium, often likened to Prince Harry for his rebellious streak and outspoken criticism of royal obligations, has disclosed his intentions to distance himself from royal duties in pursuit of a more independent lifestyle.

In a recent interview with Het Laatste Nieuws, the 63-year-old prince revealed his plans to transition towards a life with fewer public engagements.

Expressing a desire for change, he articulated his wish to reduce his involvement in official activities and eventually relocate abroad, specifically mentioning Italy as a potential destination.

“I am preparing a new life. I would like to change my current position. I want to be less involved in public activities,” shared Prince Laurent.

While acknowledging similarities to Prince Harry, he emphasized his longstanding entrepreneurial spirit and the uniqueness of his aspirations.

Prince Laurent’s decision comes amid ongoing controversies surrounding his extravagant spending and alleged involvement in business ventures outside of traditional royal protocols.

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Despite criticism, he defended his choice to pursue a different path, citing a belief that he can contribute more effectively to society outside the confines of royal life.

“I am convinced that I will be able to develop better in that new life than in the life I am experiencing now,” he stated, expressing optimism about the potential for personal growth and societal impact in his envisioned future.

As Prince Laurent prepares for this significant transition, his decision reflects a broader trend of modern royals seeking greater autonomy and fulfillment outside of traditional royal roles.

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