Prince William and Kate Middleton Hold Significant Concerns About Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Recent reports suggest that Prince William and Kate Middleton harbor serious concerns regarding the ongoing influence of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle within the royal family, despite their departure four years ago.

Since stepping back from their royal roles in 2020, Harry and Meghan have continued to engage in high-profile activities, including a recent trip to Nigeria, which has raised eyebrows among senior royals.

The Buckingham Palace’s decision to postpone engagements for six weeks, aimed at avoiding distractions during the general election campaign, underscores the anxiety within the royal family.

Royal expert and author Tom Quinn, speaking exclusively to the Mirror, revealed the extent of William and Kate’s apprehensions.

“The senior royals, especially William and Kate, are terrified of one thing above all others: that Harry and Meghan will continue to organize trips across the world until they are seen as the public face of the royal family,” Quinn stated.

He elaborated further, highlighting the additional pressure on William, especially considering Kate’s ongoing battle with cancer.

“The fear is made worse because William knows that with his wife stricken with cancer he cannot compete and he can’t stop the Meghan and Harry rollercoaster,” Quinn added.

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The concerns have heightened following Harry and Meghan’s successful trip to Nigeria earlier this month, which bore resemblance to a royal tour.

The couple even hinted at future trips in a message thanking the people of Nigeria, describing it as “the first of many trips.”

As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex continue to navigate their post-royal lives, their actions and engagements continue to attract attention, raising questions about their enduring connection to the royal family and its public image.

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