Kate Middleton’s Artist Responds to Backlash Over New Portrait

The unveiling of Princess Kate’s official new portrait by Tatler magazine has sparked a wave of controversy, with the artist behind the painting, Hannah Uzor, breaking her silence amidst the backlash.

Depicting Kate at the first state banquet of King Charles’ reign during the 2022 South Africa state visit, the portrait has been met with criticism from royal fans and art critics alike.

Described by some as ‘dreadful,’ the painting has prompted questions regarding its resemblance to the Duchess of Cambridge.

In response to the uproar, British-Zambian artist Hannah Uzor addressed the criticism in an interview with the Daily Mail, expressing her surprise at the reaction to her work.

“It is a fantastic story – and they [critics] can do what they want,” Uzor remarked, reflecting on the controversy surrounding the portrait.

Despite the scrutiny, Uzor defended her artistic process, revealing that Kate Middleton did not sit for the portrait.

Instead, she meticulously researched over 189,000 images of the princess to inform her work, aiming to capture the essence of Kate’s personality and presence.

In an interview with Tatler, Uzor discussed the influence of Kate’s recent cancer diagnosis video on her perspective, acknowledging the impact it had on her portrayal of the Princess.

She emphasized her admiration for Kate’s courage and grace during this challenging time, describing her as someone who carries herself with “dignity, elegance, and grace.”

The artist, herself a mother of three like Kate, expressed a sense of connection with the Duchess, noting the joy of motherhood that they both share.

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Speaking in a video on Tatler’s social media accounts, Uzor elaborated on her creative process, highlighting her efforts to capture the soul of Kate Middleton through careful observation and sketching.

She emphasized the importance of capturing Kate’s expression and demeanor accurately, ultimately aiming to portray her as regal and confident in the final portrait.

As the debate surrounding the portrait continues, Hannah Uzor remains steadfast in her portrayal of Kate Middleton, emphasizing her commitment to capturing the essence of the Duchess through her art.

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