Royal Observers Suggest Rose Hanbury’s Intriguing Presence is Influencing Kate Middleton’s Life

Rose Hanbury, Marchioness of Cholmondeley, has often been linked with Catherine, Princess of Wales.

Due to the proximity of Anmer Hall, the Wales’ country residence, to the Cholmondeleys’ home, Houghton Hall, the two women had the chance to develop a friendship.

However, Hanbury’s close connection with the royal family has also made her the subject of persistent rumors alleging an affair with Prince William, which she has vehemently denied and taken legal action to refute since they first surfaced in 2019.

Recently, Hanbury’s frequent presence at royal events has drawn criticism from some royal fans, especially as Kate Middleton remains out of the public eye following her announcement in March about her cancer diagnosis and ongoing treatment.

On May 15, Hanbury, accompanied by her husband David Cholmondeley, attended an Order of The British Empire event at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Their son, Lord Oliver Cholmondeley, served as a page, tasked with the high-profile duty of carrying the hem of King Charles’ scarlet robe.

While Hanbury attended the event to support her son, some royal watchers viewed her presence as encroaching on Kate’s place.

“As Kate Middleton is still missing, Rose Hanbury is seen more and more at royal events,” posted one critic on X (formerly Twitter).

Hanbury’s hat also drew attention for its striking resemblance to a hat previously worn by Kate.

Despite the criticisms, Hanbury continues to maintain her close association with the royal family, fulfilling her duties and supporting the monarchy.

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Her presence at these events underscores her longstanding role and commitment, irrespective of the swirling rumors and public scrutiny.

Rose Hanbury has a duty to support the royal family, and her attendance at high-profile events is part of her commitment.

The recent criticism highlights the challenges faced by those in close proximity to the royals, especially during sensitive times.

As the Princess of Wales focuses on her health, Hanbury’s visible support for the royal family is likely to continue, even as she navigates the ongoing public and media attention.

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