Palace Under Fire for Allegedly Planting Fake Kate Middleton in Viral Video

Kensington Palace is facing intense scrutiny and public backlash after allegations surfaced of the palace orchestrating a “major blunder” by featuring a “fake Kate Middleton” in a viral video supposedly capturing a day out with Prince William at the Windsor Farm Shop.

The controversy erupted when TMZ shared the video depicting the Prince and Princess of Wales happily strolling with shopping bags. However, sharp-eyed social media users quickly pointed out discrepancies, asserting that a “Kate look-alike” had been substituted in the footage, igniting a firestorm of skepticism and outrage.

Critics highlighted the lack of acknowledgment from bystanders as Prince William and Kate purportedly navigated through the market, further fueling suspicions that the video may have been staged.

Adding fuel to the fire, fans took to the comment section of the viral video to voice their disbelief, accusing the palace of employing a “much skinnier woman” who appeared to be significantly younger than the real Kate Middleton.

“They are the most recognizable couple in the world and literally nobody in the background of this video is turning their heads to look at them,” one commentator asserted, questioning the authenticity of the scene.

Another commenter echoed similar sentiments, stating, “That’s a younger much skinnier woman…. And have you ever seen her go out in public in yoga pants?! As Joe Biden says ‘C’mon man!!’”

Amidst the growing skepticism, one fan emphasized the lack of realism in the portrayal, urging the palace to improve its authenticity by hiring actors to simulate genuine reactions from bystanders.

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“When the Prince and Princess are out in public, everyone stops and looks at them! No one, not one single person in this video is looking at the royals,” they remarked, urging Kensington Palace to “do better.”

As the controversy rages on, Kensington Palace is yet to address the allegations, leaving many questioning the credibility of the viral footage and the palace’s approach to managing public perception.

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