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Royal Expert Break Silence on New Wave of Trolling Targeting Kate Middleton During Her Cancer Battle

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s friend, Christopher Bouzy, has drawn criticism for his recent remarks targeting Kate Middleton’s absence from royal duties amid her battle with cancer.

In a statement, Bouzy questioned Middleton’s decision not to return to public engagements during her cancer treatment, stating, “Approximately 9 million women are diagnosed with cancer each year globally.

The vast majority of those women do not stop working while undergoing treatment. Kate hasn’t been seen in public since December, and no matter how much the UK press tries to spin it, it’s not normal.”

Bouzy’s comments have sparked controversy, particularly given Middleton’s ongoing health challenges.

His remarks have been viewed as insensitive and lacking understanding of the complexities surrounding cancer treatment and recovery.

Notably, Bouzy has been associated with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, having a starring role in their Netflix show.

His previous statements regarding Middleton’s cancer diagnosis have also stirred controversy, with accusations of propagating misinformation and conspiracies.

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Earlier, when Middleton first announced her cancer diagnosis, Bouzy accused the palace and the British press of deception, stating, “The palace lied, and the British press happily helped them lie.

The countless ‘conspiracy theory’ headlines, while knowing a lot of what was being said was true. This is really some North Korea / Trumpian type of propaganda.”

Bouzy’s recent comments have reignited debates surrounding the treatment of royals by the media and the public, highlighting the need for sensitivity and understanding, particularly in matters as serious as health issues.

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