Kate Middleton Faces a Fate Reminiscent of Diana’s Following Heartbreaking Snub from King Charles

The delay in honoring Kate Middleton with one of the highest accolades in the royal family has drawn comparisons to Princess Diana’s own experience, sparking criticism of King Charles for allegedly snubbing the Duchess of Cambridge.

Former Princess Diana butler, Paul Burrell, has expressed disappointment over the King’s decision not to invest Kate Middleton as a Lady of the Order of the Garter, despite her significant role as the future queen consort.

The Order, established in 1348 by King Edward III, remains within the sovereign’s discretion to bestow upon royal members for their distinguished service.

In a poignant critique reported by the Daily Express, Burrell highlighted the disparity in recognition between Kate and other favored members of the royal household.

“I wonder why Kate hasn’t been made a Lady of the Order of the Garter when she is our future queen, which is out of kilter for me,” he remarked, emphasizing the King’s prerogative to honor those in his favor.

Drawing parallels with Diana’s tenure within the monarchy, Burrell lamented that despite her impactful contributions, the late Princess of Wales was not celebrated with similar honors during her lifetime.

“Diana, Princess of Wales, was married to Charles for 15 years before they divorced but never received one award from the royal family,” he noted, underscoring a perceived discrepancy in recognition for service and dedication.

Burrell’s critique extends to the King’s approach to rewarding loyalty and personal preferences within the royal circle.

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“The King showers the people around him who favor royal titles and gifts,” he observed, suggesting a pattern of recognition based on personal relationships and allegiance.

“I’m hoping that the King will invest Kate in the Most Noble Order. I’m hoping he’s going to do that; if he does it, it will make headlines, [and] she deserves it,” Burrell added optimistically, echoing sentiments for a more equitable acknowledgment of Kate’s contributions.

As discussions continue on the role of honors and recognition within the monarchy, Kate Middleton’s awaited investiture remains a subject of public scrutiny, resonating with past perceptions of royal acknowledgment.